Jenna Jameson Tattoos

When one hears the name Jenna Jameson they automatically think gorgeous sex symbol of the adult film industry. But there is something else that is thought of when Jenna Jameson is mentioned, her multiple tattoos. Even though Jenna has several tattoos it does not take away from her sex appeal some say it adds to it. So one may wonder why this can't be said for everyday ordinary people. Maybe Jenna's tattoos help add to her sex appeal because of the way she carries herself. This is probably a mystery that will never be solved.

Below is a list of most if not all of Jenna's tattoos:

1. "Heartbreaker" on right buttock along with a two small red hearts.

2. A very colorful dragon on the back of neck.

3. Some flowers with a butterfly with phrase "Crazy Girl" on right ankle.

4. A girl in red halter and spandex on right calf.

5. An angel on her left calf.

6. "Jay" on her left ring finger (which she has had removed since they divorced)

7. Some flowers on inside left ankle.

8. "I'm not afraid" on her left shoulder blade surrounded by a fancy flowery border.

9. "I was born to do this" on her right shoulder blade surrounded by a fancy flowery border.

Jenna's latest tattoos are the ones on her shoulder blades that dawn the famous Joan of Arc quote "I'm not afraid, I was born to do this" The tattoo was done by famous tattoo artist Kat Von D of LA Ink and was featured on the show.

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