Celebrity Tattoos - Who Has the Coolest?

Jennifer Aniston once said, "Quirky is sexy, like scars or chipped teeth. I also like tattoos - they're rebellious." I like tattoos because they make me unique and different than all those same people you see everyday. Jennifer Aniston is only one of the many famous people who like tattoos on their bodies. Angelina Jolie is another example. She is very pretty and those tattoos make her even more gorgeous. That same thing can happen to you if you decide to get a tattoo.
You can get a tattoo like a celebrity, but deciding which one is the best is the hard part. You can look at many famous celebrities and all of their tattoos look good, but only one of them is the best. I did your work for you and decided to compare all the famous tattoos printed by well known celebrities. I compared their tattoos, but I decided to leave the conclusion to you because you are the one who decides what is the best and what is not.
The first one is the most famous and world known - Angelina Jolie. She has quite a few tattoos but the major one is the tattoo of a tiger on her lower back waste that makes her look sexier than ever. It shows her personality. The next one is one more world famous actor - Brad Pitt, who has a picture of something looking like a crown on his back with many other tattoos. One more is David Beckham, who is also very popular in the world. He has a lot of tattoo on his body but I think the major one was the picture of a crucifix with the name of his sons on top and bottom of the crucifix. The last, but not the least nominee is Anna Nicole Smith, who has a colored mermaid on her back lower waist.

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