Marc Anthony Tattoos

David Beckham has Marc Anthony Conference to create a new tattoo. Body art piercing the football field stars that have been attracting attention from Jennifer Lopez's husband, so he would like to contact a specialist tatto David.

A source says, "David and Marc have become very close since David moved to Los Angeles to play with the LA Galaxy team."

"They even often speak in Spanish so that David is not sure when he joined from time to time with the team from the country, Real Madrid, where he joined before."

"When you know that Marc David is very interested in the tattoo too, it was suggested to make it Marc and Marc also agree," he added.

David is a fan of the original English tatto, Louis Molloy, and never menerbangkannya to Madrid only to create a special tattoo the name of puteranya, Cruz, in lengannya.

David's body also has a tattoo of the name children the other, ie, Brooklyn and Romeo, and his wife, Victoria Beckham.

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