Fearne Cotton Tattoos

Fearne Cotton

ART decorate the body with tattoos are not the property of the adam, but women also began to drape the body like the pictures interesting. Experience also overwrite Fearne Cotton.

Berparas beautiful television presenter has been addicted to tattoos on the body. No wonder if Cotton so happy when the process of tattoo. Only, one problem is that he cemaskan career akan overcast because this tattoo decorations.

Cotton said, "If only I did not appear on television, I will make a tattoo in every part of my body. I like the shape, the process, everything about tattoos. In fact, during this tattoo, I also do not fainted, because I have gained something. Now I already get more than 11 tattoo images in my body, but not everything is known by my mother, "the story of the Cotton Britain's glamor magazine, as quoted Femalefirst, on Monday (7/7/2008).

To Britain's Glamours, Cotton also said, making himself when this tattoo is in the United States, recently.

"I get a new tattoo when I was in Los Angeles. I made this tattoo on the bottom of my buttocks. I also like Amy Winehouse tattoo, but I also can not make it on my arm. I do not want young children to see me have tattoo when I hold them, "presenter tukas aged 26 this year.

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