G-string bikini

G-string bikini

G-string bikinis provide a sporty, fun, and sexy summer look, great for tanning, beach or pool parties or romantic weekends on exotic islands. Choose from a variety of colors and find something playful and floral. Go daring with some animal prints or glittered or fluorescent solids. Black, red, white, or yellow solids provide that classic look everyone looks good in.

Choose a top that leaves them wanting more, or choose a smaller style to show off some of those curves. Easy to tie (and untie) you can do some sunning as well as enjoy the tides without changing in or out of your suit. With a g-string bikini, you can comfortably adjust the top to any of your needs.

The g-string bikini bottoms accents all your best features. The string strap sits comfortably on your hip, adjusting to your size and mobility easily while always being sexy. The small triangle on the back and the larger one on the front can be any color, pattern, design, material, or texture and always shows off those luscious curves.

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