funny sms jokes

funny sms jokes

1) Why Couples Hold Hands?

Why do couples hold hands durring their wedding? It’s a formality just like two boxers shaking hands before the fight begins!

2) Why Marriage Is Like Public Toilet?

Marriage is like a public toilet Those waiting outside are desperate to get in And Those inside are desperate 2 come out..

3) You and Me

You – cute You = hot You = sweet You = intelligent You = amazing You = perfect Me = liar

4) Smart Doctor

Doctor: You look exactly like my third wife. Girl: How many wives do u have? Doctor : Two

Smart people always have smart ideas

5) Husband and Wife

Wife:Wat is 15 years with me? Husband:A sec. Wife:What is $10000 for me? Husband:A coin. Wife: Ok give me a coin. Husband:Wait a sec

6) Smart or Idiot?

In the hall of examination. Supervisor : Why yoU wrote the formula on your hand. Student : Bcoz my professor advice me that the formulas must be on your finger tips.

7) Mystery of W

You know why women starts with ‘W’… because all questions start with “W”.. ! Who ? Why ? What ? When ? Which ? Whom ? Where ? & Finally Wife..!!!

Boy and Girl

GIRL:My heart is like a mobile and you are the sim card BOY:I m very happy. . . GIRL:dont b too happy. . . If I get a new offer I will change the sim card..! 9) BITCH

Beautiful Intelligent Talented Cute Hilarious

r u smiling now? ? ? ? *YOU ARE REALLY BITCH*

10) Story of See and Saw

“see” & “saw”:

1 day “see” saw sea & “saw” didnt see sea. “See” saw sea and jumped in sea. “Saw” didnt see sea but jumped in sea. “See” saw “saw” in sea & “saw” saw “see” in sea. “See” “saw” both saw sea & both “saw” & “see” were happy to see Sea.

That is how to exercise your brain..!

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