Simple Beauty of the Jesus Cross Tattoo

Simple Beauty of the Jesus Cross Tattoo The simplistic beauty of the Jesus cross tattoo is why it is so popular among diverse groups of people. It is not the strictly devout Christians who always request the Jesus cross tattoo, it is represented across all lines of ink lovers everywhere. The Jesus cross tattoo is a beautiful symbol of the faith in the belief that Jesus was crucified and was victorious over physical death, and spiritual death.

There are many variations of the traditional Latin theme of these tattoos; one is the depiction of the cross with the body of Christ. Another is an empty wooden cross, showing the resurrection. While the traditional empty cross tattoo can be embellished with a draped cloth over the cross beams, usually purple in color to represent the Royal Line of David, it is more often seen with a draped crown of thorns, and bent nails. These crosses are traditionally done with black ink, except when the purple drape is included.

People from the British Isles, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland combine their Celtic culture with the tattoo of cross symbolism, and use it as a means to elaborate on the Celtic theme. With their addition of swirls, geometric patterns, and even faeries featuring bright colors of the forest; these Jesus cross tats can add beauty to a bare cross inked image.

The Jesus cross tattoo is also appearing on tattoo lovers as a way to memorialize a deceased family member or friend. The traditional cross will have dates, and names added, as well as depictions of wreaths and flowers. This is a very fine way to remember someone always, and never forget their love or their life.
Military men and women are also using their version of the Jesus cross tats to remember lost compatriots, with a cross tat with hanging dog-tags draped over the crossbeam. The perfect, classic way to always remember a fallen ones sacrifice.

While the styles and preferences for Jesus with cross tats change over the years, the application of them remains a constant among tattoo lovers, and they are a favorite of tattoo artist. The simple beauty of a cross tats allows for intricate details to be added. An artist gets to add his own flair to any tattoo, and when he is asked to design a this kind of tattoo for a special remembrances event, he or she pulls out all the stops to deliver the best Jesus cross tattoo they can.

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