Lindsay Lohan Gets New Ink and Regrets an Old Tattoo

The trouble child star can't really seem to catch a break now a days and several people are just waiting for her to have another melt down. Well since Lindsay and her girlfriend of nearly two years broke up Lindsay thought it would be appropriate to make the occasion with some fresh ink. It is being reported that Lindsay along with her younger sister, Ali Lohan walked into Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in Los Angeles at around midnight on April 8, 2009. Lindsay and Ali emerged a little later and word on the street is that Lindsay got some fresh ink on her wrist. However, the design that she got has not been released yet. This is the same tattoo parlor Lindsay and her new BFF Lily Allen go their matching Shhh... tattoos.
If you recall Lindsay Lohan also has a tattoo a matching tattoo with old girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Linsday has a small little red star on her hand. It's nothing to noticeable or wild and crazy but Lindsay has been open about the reason she got this tattoo. Which is for all the wrong reasons. Lindsay got this tattoo because Samantha has several star tattoos on her arm and she wanted to get it to get like her.
This is yet another prime example of not getting making tattoos of a lover or coping a lover's tattoo. Tattoos are forever and unfortunately most relationships are not. However, if you must get a tattoo to mark your relationship with someone it is best to get some kind of imaginary tattoo done rather than a name.

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