Celebrity Tattoos - Ed Westwick

If you are a fan of the highly popular CW hit, Gossip Girl you are probably aware that Ed Westwick has a secret love for tattoos. The Gossip Girl hottie admits that he loves tattoos and says that he foresees himself getting plenty more. However, Ed doesn't really have the normal tattoos. Ed's tattoo collection is mostly of song titles and something he saw off the wall in a public bathroom.
Below are a list of Ed's interesting tattoos:
1. He has "Heartbreak Hotel" tattooed on his chest because he is a huge Elvis fan.
2. He has "21 Grams"
3. "Love me two times" The song by the doors.
4. "I heart romance" on his forearm, which is the one that he saw in a bathroom stall and thought it was a good idea for a tattoo.
5. "You make me feel like the one" across his shoulder
Ed has several other meaningless tattoos on his body. He pretty much as the attitude that he will get anything tattooed on him and that he is pretty much game for anything. If he sees something he likes he'll get it permanently inked on him. Ed also say he is not quite done inking up his body. He admits that they are way too addictive to give up. He says, "They're addictive. Get one. You'll never look back. Live fast, die young. Be a good-looking corpse. Leave a good-looking tattoo.
Not too many people can pull off meaningless tattoos, so just be careful when picking out your tattoo design.

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