Top 3 Female Celebrity Tattoos

There's no doubt that young celebrity obsession with tattoos has helped to fuel the incredible growth in the industry over the last 10 years. Suddenly it became ok to express oneself in a whole new way, and the trend does not seem to be showing signs of diminishing anytime soon. Here are the top 3 female celebrity tattoos that helped the art go mainstream.
1. Angelina Jolie: Long before she met Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie was using her sinewy left arm to signal her love for her then-inamorata Billy Bob Thornton. Along with his name, she included a dragon for good measure. That a main stream actress would be comfortable tattooing herself made it ok for anyone to do it. Since then, she has moved on to other interests: thank goodness for tattoo removal! In that same spot she is currently sporting the coordinates for the birth places of her children. No doubt about it: Angelina started it all!

2. Melanie Griffith: Though she has not been an A-list actress for many years, Melanie Griffith attracted the public's attention by being the first middle-aged female celebrity to get a brand new tattoo. Like many of her contemporaries, she chose to express her love for her husband Antonio Banderas with a design that included his name set in a retro-shaped heart. Miss Griffith showed that tattoos were not just for the very young.

3. Eve: This rap goddess has long sported a feline paw print on each of her breasts. They are not "in your face" tattoos: rather, they have an airy, wispy look that is subtle and extremely feminine. The influence of Eve's choice is evident in the many who have since copied her trademark look.

If you are considering getting a new tattoo this year, be sure to have it done by a professional who insists on using the very best tattoo machines: the results will be well worth it.

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