Joel Madden Tattoos

The lead singer of Good Charlotte and boyfriend to Nicole Richie, Joel Madden has a quite large collection if tattoos. Nearly half of his body is covered in them. Because of this Joel was recently denied access to getting on an airplane in England because they were concerned his tattoos would offend other people. Shocked and confused by this request Joel complained with the airline and put a long sleeve shirt on to cover most of his tattoos. Being discriminated against because you have tattoos should be just the same as someone being discriminated against because of their race, age, sex or religion.

Below is a list of most of Joel's tattoos:

1. On both shoulders there is an outline of a star.

2. On the inside of his right hand he has the letters "A-M-C." This stands for "American Murder Crew." It is something that he, Benji, and their group of friends from D.C. all have.

3. On his chest right above his heart, he has praying hands with "Benjamin" and with "Saved By Grace" underneath

4. On his left wrist, there is an outline of a star and "Truth" underneath it

5. On the edge of his lower right arm, he has his last name, M-A-D-D-E-N.

6. On the back of his upper right arm, there is an Irish flag.

7. On his lower right arm, is the face of Jesus.

8. On his upper left arm, there is a cross with a banner around it and 2 doves flying around it. Under that, there's a rose.

9, On his lower left arm, is the face of the virgin Mary.

10. On his right wrist, there is an outline of a star with "Hope" underneath it.

11. On his right calf, there is a dragon.

12. On his left calf, there is a heart and a shooting star.

13. Also on his lower leg sleeve he has somewhat of a Chinese symbol for "Mom"

14. On his left forearm he has Joseph (foster father of Jesus) and the word "Salvation" on the front of his wrist.

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