The Advantages of Back Tattoo Designs

Lower back tattoos are more common in women; however there are some men who prefer them also. The Soccer star David Beckham has a lower back tattoo if a name. Usually men do not get lower back tattoos because they are for women. Beckham's lower back tattoo of 'Brooklyn' has meaning and is not girly.

In most instances oblong shapes work best for this area, because they fit the space perfectly. Many choose to go with a design that goes across the entire lower back. However, it is also popular to go with a smaller tattoo on either side of the lower back.

The lower back is one areas of the body that is less likely to change as you age. Some people do not consider how their bodies will change as they age, but this is important to think about. You probably do not want to get a tattoo that looks great today, but scary when you turn sixty.

Another advantage of lower back tattoos is how easily they are covered. There may be some instances in which you want to keep your tattoo under wraps, and this type of tattoo is easy to hide. Just by having a shirt on will cover the entire tattoo.

Some common choices for the lower back include fairies, butterflies, and flowers or for men, words or letters.

If you are choosing a lower back tattoo as your first tattoo, you may wish to start with something small that can be added to in the future.

The upper back is also a common place for tattoos because of the large surface available. It lends itself well to very intricate and detailed designs. It is also easily expanded on. If you start with something small, there is room to expand it if you choose to do so in the future.

Upper back tattoos are found more commonly on men, although women do have them too. When choosing an upper back tattoo there are several places as well as designs to choose from. The shoulder blades are a popular place to have wings tattooed. Some like to have their guardian angel tattooed there. It is also popular for animals or creatures with wings.

Another option for the upper back is tribal tattoos. The amount of space on the upper back gives ample room for very detailed tribal designs.

There are a few things to consider when thinking about your back tattoo. The first would be placement and design. Tattoos are not necessarily forever, but the procedure to remove them is costly and time consuming. Make sure that you choose something you will be happy with.

The second thing to consider is cost. Large tattoos on the back can be very costly, so think about how much money you want to invest in your artwork.

Lastly consider how long it will take to actually get the tattoo. Many large tattoos have to be completed in more than one sitting. If you are just starting out with tattoos, you may want to have something small at first, and then add to it later on. Also there are places on the back that are more tender and painful, so having a large tattoo will mean that you will have to endure more pain for a longer period of time.

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