Back Tattoo - Guidelines for Choosing

Choosing a back tattoo requires three important guidelines to remember:

1. A back tattoo must be a design which you are OK with not seeing often. Obviously you are placing it on an area which is not going to be visible to you, and when you do want to view it, you'll have to do so with the assistance of a mirror.

This is the major drawback of getting a back tattoo. Often times you will see very elaborate, beautiful back tattoo designs, and it seems odd that the tattoo wearer is the one who can't enjoy viewing it, as others can.

2. Pick a medium to large design for a back tattoo. The back is the one place on the body which is literally a large flat blank canvas. Getting a tiny shamrock or some other small back tattoo design seems almost like a waste of space. Often times people have the same regret after getting a back tattoo: I wish I had gotten it bigger! This is very common. So with a back tattoo, think bigger than you normally would.

3. The back is one of the ideal places for concealment. If you are concerned with concealing your ink, a back tattoo could definitely be for you. It solves many issues of workplace or public appearance, or simply the desire of having a private tattoo, not wanting to flaunt or display it openly.

Choosing a back tattoo can be either an ideal place for a tattoo, or a regrettable place if you're very attached to the artwork or the design you choose.

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