Usher Tattoos

The very talented R& B/Rapper and father of two is no stranger to the tattoo gun. The soulful singer has a small tattoo collection of his own, that he loves to display to anyone and everyone who will pay attention. Unlike most celebrities Usher does not try to hide or cover up his tattoos. He has them in fairly noticeable places.

Below is a list of Usher's tattoos:

1. Usher has a small black star on each hand in between his thumb and index finger.

2. He has a fairly large black tribal design on his left shin.

3. A colored tattoo of a break dancer on right shin.

4. He has Usher tattooed on his left bicep in graffiti type writing with a sword going through his name.

5. Just last weekend in Las Vegas Usher was getting a sleeve worked on. No details on what the sleeve is of. The only thing that is known is it has special meaning to Usher.

There has also been some speculation of two other tattoos that Usher has. One of them being the name James tattooed on his upper left calf. (James is Usher's brother's name) Also there has been some talk that Usher got the letter K that sits inside of a heart tattooed on one of his hands. Supposedly, Usher lost his virginity to a girl named Karen or something to that effect and he felt the need to mark that on him for the rest of his life. However, not one single picture can be located of either of these tattoos. So one may think that this K thing is just a rumor.

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