Kelly Osbourne Tattoos

Like father like daughter Kelly Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne share the same love for tattoos. If you were a fan of The Osbourne's MTV reality show you know that Kelly got her first tattoo on the show a small pink heart on her hip. Neither Ozzy or Sharon were pleased with this tattoo mainly because she was underage. Kelly didn't stop at the tiny little tattoo she has a total of eleven tattoos.

Here's a list of all eleven.

1. A skull and crossbones on top of both of her feet.

2. Small angle wings on her back

3. An outline of a star on the back of her neck.

4. A very small pink heart on her hip.

5. A ship's anchor in the back of her forearm.

6. A very small pink heart on her little finger.

7. A padlock with a key and a banner with the word Daddy above it.

8. A keyboard on the back of her right forearm.

9. The name Jack on her wrist (for her brother)

10. A blue heart with crossbones coming out of it above her right hand.

11. I love my mommy written in French between her angel wings.

When Kelly was staring in ABC show "Life as we know it" she had to go through the long process of covering up her tattoos everyday which she hated. "I have to go in an hour early every day to get my tattoos covered up," Osbourne moaned. "It's such a process, because the stuff they put it on with is like water color paints, so you put a layer on and it dries, and then another layer, and then another. They have so much stuff to cover it up - it takes so long, it's so weird."

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