Female Tattoo Pictures - A Variety of Ways to Look Beautiful

The number of women trying out tattoos is growing tremendously and it is no longer a taboo to see women with tattoos. As women are being a lot more courageous like their male counterparts, tattoos have also become more of a fashion statement rather than a ordinary so called design and is also considered a newer style statement. Female tattoo pictures are great to get inspiration for your own tattoo.

The areas for women to have their tattoos inked is the lower back region, the belly button area, calves, arms, shoulders, back, lips and wrists.The latest designs used by women for tattoos are usually their own photograph which are either black or colored and are placed near the heart. Designs include: a mushroom on the ankle, a phoenix rising from the lower back, a merman on the arm, or designs with a lady with a scarf on her face, a mermaid covering her upper body with her tail, a barren tree on the right side of the stomach, a butterfly taking flight, roses and black stars near the naval, the statue of liberty on the thigh and weird ones like star war creatures, the barbed wire, Garfield or even pets on the back. Mysterious designs like an ancient map of the world, the Chinese symbols on the neck, and Kanji writings on the back are gaining popularity all over the globe. Tattoos with anything floral, tribal designs, Japanese and old traditional ones are often the type of designs that women like.

Women are more style conscious than men and make a decision for the tattoos thinking from all the different angles. A word of advice to women is to first have a temporary tattoo done to make sure you are comfortable in that tattoo and if you decide to change your mind then the design can always be changed. Women are now embracing the designs that are creating a whole new culture and a growth within tattoos and their tastes.

Tattoos are fun to have and easy to maintain, which gives a perfect solution to all women who have fast and busy lives. Tattoos are now hip and cool and are the best way to keep up with the coming generation. These tattoos are sexy and very enticing to look at.

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