David Beckham Tattoos

LOS ANGELES - Everyone knows, the two biggest things for David Beckham is football and family. However, now David have one obsession in life is ditubuhnya form of tattoo ink.

"I think all people have a way for each to reveal the perasaannya. As I, for example, that reveal feelings through tattoos," Beckham said as dilansir People, Saturday (22/3/2008).

Beckham adds, there are 15 fruit tattoo inherent in the body. Among them, there is a tattoo made with his wife, twin, Victoria Beckham on the left arm. Tattoos are considered a sign of love as a pair of husband and wife married on July 4 back in 1999.

Beckham was not sure to make a tattoo with the name of a third son, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

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